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downloading to palm pilot


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Yes you can.


The complicated but free method:

GSAK's HTML export, then use Sunrise XP to convert the HTML for use in Plucker on the Palm


The easy (and fairly cheap) way:

Buy Cachemate: $8


I use the complicated way and I'm fine with it, but most people claim to get very confused when I explain how I do it. I've never used Cachemate in depth, but I've heard it's pretty good. Both methods use GSAK.


If you want more detailed info on either method, just ask and we will be glad to help.

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Put Cachemate on the m100 ($8). In GSAK, export as a Cachemate file. All the info except photos will be transferred. Next time you sync your palm, the caches will be downloaded. A m100 will hold about 200-300 cache listings. (2M of memory).

Ok I am completely stupid ... how do I get Cachmate on my Palm Centro?

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Go to smittyware.com and down load Cachemate. Pay him $8 (a great investment IMHO). Use your Palm desktop program to load the program on the Palm itself. When you pay your $8, you get a code to unlock the program. Then when using GSAK, slice and dice your data and export as a cachemate file. My Tungsten T(16 M) will hold about 3000 caches. I can even fit more with the SD card I have in it. Never print out descriptions anymore unless there is a necessary photo on the page. Takes less than 30 minutes to load up the Palm, GPSr and print out maps.

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I have a Palm M100 pilot. Can I download information from either Geocache or Gsak to my palm pilot?


Any help would be helpful :laughing:




Scroll to "Paperless Caching"


This is one that I was involved with. Might be TMI but read the "Overview" and "Two Schools of Thought"


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