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How do you advertise Geocaching on your vehicle?

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Just wondering how people advertise Geocaching on their vehicle. I have the small window cling and a TB on the trunk, but I dont think this is good enough. Why Groundspeak doesn't make a cling or a magnetic sign with the 4 COLOR box is beyind me. This seems to be the universal sign for Geocaching and yet it's not available on something that I can place on the back of my car.


PLease post pics of your advertising. I would love to see the different ideas out there!!

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I don't put stickers on my vehicle. What I do instead is every half mile I open my window and scream "geocaching" as loudly as I can.


brian, i actually spit stuff out on my desk laughing!


likewise, i do not put stickers on my vehicle. i don't think it's smart. i do not have vanity plates. i prefer to go incognito.


if people i think are geocachers approach while i am on a trail i will dive off in order to avoid meeting them. additionally, back in the day when i used to hunt FTFs, i didn't want anyone to know i was there.


i have a pair of comic monologues called (oddly enough) bumperstickers and bumperstickers part II.


"i don't have any bumpertickers on my car. it's not that i have nothing to say; it's just that i think bumperstickers are a really bad idea."

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I have a Signal antenna ball on one of my cars. I tried one on my other car but it whipped the antenna around quite severely, so I glued Signal to the dash board.


So far, no one has ever asked me about them.

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I have a Signal antenna ball on one of my cars. I tried one on my other car but it whipped the antenna around quite severely, so I glued Signal to the dash board.


So far, no one has ever asked me about them.


I think there is an echo in here :D


I don't have anything yet but just ordered a window cling sticker earlier this evening.

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So am I the only one who finds it odd that Groundspeak does not have a product like a magnetic 4 box color sticker for the back of your car??


You could make one in whatever size you want by taking the GC logo to a sign shop and having it output on vinyl with or without a magnetic back. Or you could really go for it and have it painted on! :)



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:) I have a couple of plastic license plate frames that we got from the Redmond, Oregon RV rally last year. On the top it says" I tailgate with" and on the bottom I painted out what was on it and added with color letters "GEOCACHERS" . Looks kinda corny but cute also. So far no one has seemed to notice but me. :)
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I'd like to see a magnetic GPSr that would post your current coordinates as you're driving! That'd get people's attention...

That... is a friggin' awesome idea! Although I don't think it would have to be as complicated as you think.


I'd think that all you would need is one of those LED-type displays that go across and along the bottom of your back window. It should be easy to fit the N##.### W###.### (or S and E, obviously) on one line. If one could obtain that, I'm sure a program could be written to stream data to it to change it constantly. No scrolling, nothing fancy, just change the numbers instantly, refreshing every 5/10/30/whatever seconds. I'd prefer 5 seconds or less, so those behind you can see it happening easily.


dadgum near every GPS has a USB port, and many have a different PC connection port. My Garmin 60Cx does, but I've never used it. If one could design a program that could pull the coordinates off a GPS through one of those ports and pump it into the LED display, then it would always just generally work when you plug your GPS in when you're inside your car. It would obviously remain blank, or show... whatever when you don't have a GPS plugged in, but once hooked up, it switches to the coordinates.


So yeah, in general I think it would actually be quite easy to pull off, item-wise. The only hard part would be finding someone to write a program to pull coords from a GPS and get that data pushed onto the LED.

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Pulling the coordinates off a GPS is easy, but you need a processor that's fast enough. One of the higher end Basic Stamps can do the job. I am messing around with a Basic Stamp and a Garmin GPS72, and I can write the coords on a small display.


Kind of a costly gadget, though. About 300$ worth of hardware. With that capability, many weird ideas for a high tech cache are bumping in my head...

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