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City Nav 2009 - Oregon

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With the DVD version when you want to update the maps to the newest version you can buy the update disk which is roughly half the cost of the full version. With the SD card you can't update, you need to buy a new card. So if you are one that likes to update to the newest maps all the time the DVD version might be best.

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Just wondering, what's better to get the City Navigator on the disk or on the Micro SD card?


We are just getting an Oregon (trading up from the Colorado) and want to get the "right" thing.

Think about this...


Do you need the PC MapSource interface or not? If you want to work City Navigator on the PC (or Mac?) then you will need the DVD version.


_All_ map updates are out of date here and there always as soon as they are released. The mapping companies can't keep up with all the map changes going on--new streets, business name changes, business location changes...you name it. Heck, I've lived here for six years with a paved road and City Navigator 2009 shows my subdivision roads as trails. No doubt someone has a good excuse for it.


To use CN on a MicroSD it must be installed in the GPS. To use other maps like the new Topo 24K U.S. series that is just coming out which is available _only_ on MicroSD you will be swaping out SD cards.


BUT CN on DVD can only be installed/used on one GPS. And it is a hassle to register and activate--in fact Garmins map registration/activation is fubar as far as I'm concerned. Although Garmin has good basic technical phone support in the U.S. you _will_ wait around 30 minutes before you get someone and if they switch you to their software support you will be waiting another 30 minutes minimum.


I have CN on DVD and Topo 24K U.S. on MicroSD. Although I have MapSource on the PC I only use it to install map portions I need on the GPSr (a Colorado 400t). This way I have both maps available to use by selecting them on the CO screen/page. I would not like to be switching MicroSD cards all the time so I did it this way. This won't be a concern for you if you only use CN or choose other maps that load into your GPS free memory.


I would rather pay less for updates and I'm willing to waste my time getting them registered and activated with Garmin's help since this won't happen very often. If I ever have to switch CN on DVD to a new GPS I'll just curse Garmin and buy the new activation code I need.


I think just about everything is doable--just not from two different directions. Good luck.

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