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Paperless Geocaching

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If there is anyone here that uses a PALM III for paperless geocaching, could you please contact me. I need some help!






I've gone paperless with my Palm III xe and I love it. I've installed Cachemate on it. Cachemate is at http://www.smittyware.com/ for only $8.00. I didn't hesitate.


In a nutshell, I download my pocket queries.

I use the freeware EasyGPS from http://www.easygps.com/default.asp?rc=213pF to load the .gpx file into my Garmin Etrex Legend CX.

Then I use the cmconvert.exe program that comes with Cachemate to convert the .gpx file to a .pdb file that can be installed on the Palm. Then the Palm will have all the geocaches in it that are in my GPS.


Its great to have all the cache info and the last 5 logs in the Palm for any cache I'm hunting on the GPS. Cachemate will show you the hints encryped also with a Decrypt button if you want to read it or you can have the hints be already decrypted when you load them if you prefer.


This may get you started the way I have it working. Let us know what questions you have.



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What sort of help do you need? I have a Palm m500 with Cachemate installed that I use for "paperless" caching.

Thanks for responding...

Is your m500 color? Is it hard to install the Cachemate? Do you get to view the map on the Palm's like it shows on the geo site?

I haven't purchased anything yet, so wanted the easiest to use.

I do love my Vista HCX that you recommended. Also, got my daughter a Legend HCX. We have had fun with both of these units.

We are premium members, but I couldn't figure out how to use the pocket queries and do anything with that stuff. Like I said, I am really computer/electronic challenged. It was even hard to find this site again to see if you had answered. Sorry... I am just learning this stuff.

Thanks for your help...


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I have been using a palm 3(spt1500 barcode reader)/cachemate and I have been pleased with it. I did have to remove some of the other applications to make room for about 1000 caches.


I use gsak to get the pocket queries of where I will be, export to palm (nice option built in) which then puts it in the palm desktop to load into the palm. I then export from gsak to wpt to import into my magellan program for the roadmate and gsak downloads the data directly to the garmin legend.



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