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eTrex Vista HCx vs GPSMAP 76CSx

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I've read through the forum here and read what I can find elsewhere. Even looked at the Garmin comparison pages. Can anyone give me a good comparison of these two units? Pros/Cons, etc. Primarily looking for geocaching, but want a good general purpose GPS. These two are very close in price and seemingly in features. The one big standout was battery life.




---Bill Tuttle




Should I have posted this in Getting Started instead of here? Thanks.

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The 76CSx, the model I use, has a S★III high-sensitivity receiver chipset, and it meets my geocaching needs quite well, plus it floats on water, in case you want to go boating and want some piece of mind that you won't lose it overboard. I still don't trust that the Vista HCx has had its odometer bug fixed, so if you want to be sure that the odometer readings you get are accurate, the 76CSx is what you should get.

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