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Ok, this is just jacked up!

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Sorry, I meant 1000th find...


Back in May, my oldest daughter and I took the motorcycle on a road trip. We do this every year for her birthday. This year we went to Mexico. There were two caches that we wanted to try for in Mexico, but we DNF'd both of them. One was in all likelihood gone. Muggled. The other one just stumped us, and it was so hot I couldn't even think, far less look any longer.


They are both on my watch list, so of course I get emails when they are logged. I just got email about the one cache that was missing. Go look at this garbage!


(link removed by moderator) :unsure:


(link removed by moderator) :ph34r:


Wow, if only I'd known it was that easy, I could have logged a couple more Mexico caches! Heck, I could just start dropping caches at every DNF, then I'd have a thousand little smilies by now! :P:DB)

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Yep, there's a whole thread dedicated to some of the silly ways people claim smilies. Nothing to really be upset over though...you see how they got to their 1000 smilies, but it doesn't change your 1000 smilies, does it?


I've never understood the drop a new container and claim a find. I would never do something like that....but, it doesn't change my stats or what they mean to me.

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What was so important about getting the 1k mark that you couldn't just go find another cache placement? Why would you have to drop a cache to reach that goal? Makes you wonder about their other finds.


Yeah, I know, it doesn't matter.


I still wonder.

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I'm really hoping I misunderstood the log and they "replaced" the container after they actually FOUND it. I met them at Spring Fling in Oklahoma, and they have actually logged finds on some of my caches.


Surely they didn't do what I think they did for a milestone find in Mexico?

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Recently I went looking for GCZCW0, after several attempts could not find it.

Then we adopted it, replaced with a great big ammo box.

I felt that since we never actually found it I would not claim the smiley.

I will get my 1000…but my way


My way is to log caches that I myself found and signed the log book. I've never had any Found it log that I had to explain why I didn't find the cache and didn't sign the logbook.

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Yes, there is a topic dedicated to this.




In that topic, you are specifically told NOT to name the cacher or post links to their logs. It is disrespectful to your fellow community members to call them out in this manner. If you want to post the log and change the names to protect the innocent cacher that does not know that you are throwing them under the bus in the public forums, then you can do that if you feel the need to.


I have edited the original post and I am closing this topic.

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