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Additional changes to cache pages...

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I made some minor changes today:


1. Instead of the option of showing all logs on the printer-friendly page, you now get 5 by default. But, you can modify the number shown by changing the URL where it says numlogs=5. Change it to whatever number you want listed.


2. Changed the image spacing so it isn't so loong.


3. Modified the text for caches you own so it says "Click to temporarily disable this cache." Some folks thought the [Temporarily Disable] link meant their cache was disabled. For those not in the know, you can temporarily disable a cache so it is still listed with a line through it. This is good for when you retrieve your cache for maintainence (or want to temporarily disable it when you check on it).


4. If your cache has been both archived and not approved, the cache will now have text at the top indicating it is archived. A slight bug had it not approved only.


Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location

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