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What is the most interesting cache you have found?


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I have only found 20 so I am limited to my exposure.


However a micro I was looking for with my uncle required you to locate a specific tree via co-ordinates. Then using the clue you used that tree as a point of reference and could visually see the cache in the next tree 6 feet higher on a bank. It was tricky.


The coolest Cache has to be the one I placed...nah nah :drama::unsure:

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I think my most interesting and difficult cache to find so far has been 'Living on the Ledge' GC143XV near Sudbury, Ontario. My girlfriend and I found it while exploring the Laurentian University Campus up there. Despite being 'on campus' the cache is deep in the rock sub-forest that surrounds the nickle belt area. The cache has been archived now so I am not giving anything away; but the ammo box was nestled in the crag of a cliff about 45' above the forest floor below. The lay of the boulders and ledges made the climbing platforms wide and stable, but it still required a careful step!


Another memorable cache is 'Lake Laurentian View' GC14F3X which is also on the Laurentian Campus. This cache actually takes you past the site of 'Live on the Ledge' and deeper into the hills for a wonderful view of Lake Laurentian. We launched our first TB here, Optimus Prime.

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Just wanted to know from you all what is the most interesting, coolest, weirdest, dumbest, ect. cache you have found or herd of someone finding!!!


Not sure if this one is one of either interesting, coolest, weirdest, dumbest or ect. It sure was different, and a lot of fun, at least to me.



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