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Central Park Earthcache Potential


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Hi everyone, i was looking for a place to add this bit of information, this is perfect, thanks Groundspeak!


While doing some research lately i came upon the geology of Central Park in NYC. What a place! This quote from an article i read really caught my eye and prodded us to look further:


"Every day, thousands of people walk their dogs, jog and play sports in Central Park, casually passing the half-billion-year-old rocks ......."


Then we saw the pictures of the glacial scars on Umpire Rock! There is lots to be found on line as much research has been done in the park with regards to its geology and glacial history, many maps of the features and pictures too.


There is no possibility of our getting to the park any time soon and i have no idea of the requirements the park has in regards to caching there but gosh the park has so much to share. We wrote in hopes that someone may find use for this info. :D


regards, julia

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I think it would be a wonderful place to set up a series of EarthCaches. Someone will just need to spend the time in getting all the correct permissions, research the sites and submit.


It would then open up a whole new world to those people who use Central Park as their escape from the reality of the Big Apple.

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We know that Earthcache BiT, it's on our watch list! :D (family in ohio) It's on our to-do list along with Central Park, but will have to wait until i retire to get there! I bet Umpire Rock is the one you saw, it's next to and part of a playground i read. Also some huge glacial erratics in the park too. Five more years till retirement, lol!

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