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Any other "geocatchers" out there?

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Hi all.


I haven't really participated in geocaching or these forums in a couple of years, but this weekend I was visiting a good friend. The two of us were sitting on his front porch when his wife and eleven-year-old daughter came through, the eleven-year-old loudly announcing that they were going "geocatching." I didn't correct her, but said, "Hey, I've done that!" I learned they'd just discovered this hobby and didn't yet have a GPS.


They were going to a nearby county park armed with only a cache page print-out, but the eleven-year-old was confident she was going to find the cache because the clue was obvious: in a hollow tree. The park they were headed to had a couple hundred acres of trees; I wasn't surprised when they returned home without the find.


She's an exceptionally bright home-schooled kid and she's excited about geocaching. It made me a bit envious, really. I once felt that way about caching, too; it WAS exciting. I promised her that the next time I visit, I'll bring my GPS, show her how to use it through a couple of hunts, and let her borrow it indefinitely. I'll admit, I'm beginning to get a bit excited about this hobby again myself.


Does anyone else refer to it as "geocatching"? To me, it makes perfect sense. You go out and "catch" a geocache (presumably pronounced "geocatch"). Sure, "geocaching" is how it's spelled, but many things these days are purposely misspelled, especially on the internet.

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"Out of the mouths of babes" come some of the most fondly remembered and hilarious catch phrases. Geocatching will be one of yours!


When my son was only 3, he called every Volkswagen a Volkananny, because that's what his grandmother owned. It is still one of my favourite misuses of a word ever.

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My 9 year old called it "Geocrashing," which aptly described the way I went about it in the beginning. Once when we were looking for a cache just off a trail in a local park, she said (quite loudly) "Look out! Muggers!", which got some strange looks from the two elderly ladies coming up the path... :D

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