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:lol: P'raps ye might consider doin' whot most ev'rybuddy else (possibly 'cluding your reviewer) does on these luv'rrrly summer weekends, 'specially when they gots nuffin' better ta do than sit in fronta the complicatorrr waitin' fer the bell ta ring: go out and FIND a cache er sixty...! :o


Mebee aye'll see ye out thar--if so, aye'll bouys ye summit ta cools ye down! :o


Happy cachin', matey! :lol:


the Wench

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I see that your reviewer left a note on your page July 21st, and that you posted an answer to the reviewer's question on July 24th. But, did you send the reviewer an e-mail? The instructions are in the reviewer's note. Some reviewers prefer to be contacted by e-mail. Others prefer that the owner leave notes on the cache page, which the reviewer puts on their watchlist. It's important to read the instructions, especially if you're new or not dealing with your regular reviewer.

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