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Both the full and simple no logs pages print fine for me.


I would also like to point out that this should have been posted in the "Geocaching.com Web Site" section as it would get the attention of Jeremy much quicker.


Geocaching.com Web Site

Discuss new features (or feature requests), bugs, etc. specific to the Geocaching.com site.

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The proper place for this complaint is Geocaching.com Web Site. Topic is Release Notes 7/23/08.

I have complained about this a few times, there, but have not gotten any response. You can print the page from the 'printer "friendly"' tab on the page, but it doesn't decrypt, and isn't as good. Guess we curmudgeons rank near the bottom of the list. Oh, well.

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Benchmark pages aren't working as well. Coordinates are being cut off as well, I did a workaround by cutting/pasting into Word.


I'e tested with WinXP/IE 7 & Win2K/ IE 6 ..having the same results..


PS - no print-friently option w/ BM's either...

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