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Could someone please explain the rational behind the move of the "My Inventory" to the bottom of the page? It used to serve as a visual reminder that one had to drop off some TBs/coins - now I doubt many people will even notice it as there is usually not a reason to scroll down? I hope that doesn't lead to even more trackables going missing while in geocachers' hands, simple because people forget that they picked up a tb.

Also I quite enjoyed looking at the icons I had collected during a recent trip, a pleasure that the move takes away for no reason I can understand.

Not happy. [:anitongue:]

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What an absolute Inconvenience to have to move the bottom of 1 months worth of logs (several thousand for some of us) to find the My Inventory of travel bugs.


Please move it back up to the top side panel where it was before!!




I have an "end" key on my keyboard. Does that take you to the bottom?

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