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New Zealand: Geocaching Organizations


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This topic is to let you know about the regional geocaching organizations near you. The groups listed below sponsor event caches and online forums where geocachers in the same area can get to know each other and share information. Geocaching organizations play a pivotal role in maintaining good relations with the land managers for the parks and forests where we play our game. Getting involved in your local group is a great way to make new friends and find answers to questions about the local caching scene.


It is up to representatives of the organizations to maintain this thread as a list of links to the Geocaching Groups in New Zealand. Please feel free to write a brief post about your geocaching group, giving its name, the area where most of its members live, and a link to the group's website, forums or mailing list. If your information changes later on, post a follow-up.


Please do not use this pinned topic to promote individual events or initiatives that your group is undertaking. You can start separate topics for those. The moderating team may move off-topic posts into their own threads.


Please note that this thread is not an endorsement by Groundspeak of any organization. It's just a convenient list of links.

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New Zealand Recreational GPS Society and forum (with active geocaching threads!).


The society was initially formed in 2003 as a direct response to a desire by the Department of Conservation to form a relationship with geocachers in New Zealand to discuss geocaching on crown-managed land. Whilst it was not the only reason to form the society, it was the main one.


Recognising that the society should have a wider focus than just geocaching, the focus for the society was decided to be the recreational use of the Global Positioning System in New Zealand.


The society therefore has strong roots in geocaching in New Zealand, but is attracting many people with broader interests in the recreational use of the GPS in New Zealand.

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The Kiwicaching Association of New Zealand Incorporated (aka Kiwicaching) has evolved out of the demand by Cachers in New Zealand for a community based support structure.


Its purposes are to:

* Promote Geocaching within New Zealand.

* Provide a support network for New Zealand Resident, Expatriate and other Geocachers who are Members.

* Establish good caching practises and guidelines in conjunction with Members, land owners, environmental, historical and other relevant bodies, for both Members and non-members.

* Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.


Membership is open to any member of Geocaching.com who has an active profile and who is a New Zealand Resident or Expatriate or has demonstrable links to geocaching in New Zealand.


Financial members have access to avatars, on-line chat, private forums, picture galleries, direct links to other Kiwicachers, the ability to add Web-links and submit Articles. New features are added as membership grows. Many articles, links and forums are also available to non-financial members and the public.


Kiwicaching promotes excellence in Geocaching and provides a family friendly atmosphere. A code of ethics reinforces these goals:

* Take Nothing but Photos, Leave Nothing but Footprints.

* Practise CITO whenever possible.

* Do not criticise other Cachers online, in emails, in cache notes or in person. This includes forums run by other organisations.

* Constructive criticism re caches should be made in the form of a polite suggestion.

* Cache ‘swaps’ are to be fair and no swap is to be made if the finder does not consider they can make a ‘fair’ swap.

* Nothing is to be placed in a cache that is not a ‘swappable’ or a ‘travelling’ (such as Travel Bugs and Coins) item.


For further information please contact the Chairperson, Secretary or the Treasurer.

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