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Is it worth upgrading to the Colorado or Oregon?

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I currently have an Etrex Legend HCX with City NAv NA loaded on it. We only use our GPS for caching, but we do travel to cities we are familiar with to do caching (hence the City Nav is very helpful). We are thinking about getting a Colorado or Oregon unit, since it would mean we would no longer need to carry a PDA with us for paperless caching.


What I'm wondering is; will I be able to use the City Nav on the new unit (I know it gets tied to the unit ID in order to unlock the maps)....and more importantly: Are the advantages the Col or OR offer over the Legend HCX worth upgrading for?



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The pros/cons of the CO and OR units have been discussed at length around here. Try searching for them, you will find tons of threads and opinions.....that said the OR/CO are much more GC friendly and have been designed with that in mind. Accuracy and reliability seems to be the biggest complaints at this point.


As far as maps go.....if you have to unlock them and you already have, you are SoL.

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I upgraded from a Vista HCx to a Colorado 400t. I have been very happy so far with my decision to do this. As was said before, geocaching is a lot easier with the Colorado, and the autorouting navigation view is more nuvi-ish, so it's also an improvement over the HCx. My recommendation coming from your current unit, is yes, it is worth it (at least it was for me).


As far as Colorado vs Oregon, I don't own an Oregon, and cannot say, but I'm watching the Oregon threads with much interest as the others are putting it through the paces.

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