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Event Cache Icebreakers

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Hello Fellow Cachers,


One of our local cachers is hosting a camping/cookout event cache in Mid-September up here in Central Newfoundland, Canada. See the event listing below:


Heyou & Friends Campout Geocache Event (GC1DPYA)


I have offered her my services in designing an icebreaker, which is to be handed out early on at the event, and those who complete the requirements will be entered into the drawing for a geocoin (yet to be determined which specific geocoin). What I have in mind is a simple series of questions such as:


1. Find a cacher who has 500+ finds

2. Find a cacher who has 20+ hides

3. Find a cacher who... you get the idea!


Just wondering if anyone out there has either created such a thing, or previously attended an event where something like this was used? I am looking for feedback on the idea, and maybe if anyone has a template I could use/borrow they could email it to me? Thanks for the help everyone I really appreciate it!


Gilligan and Maryjane

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Sounds fun! GeoWoodstock VI had a similar game and they used a Bingo format. A ticket was given for each bingo and extra for a full card. There were items like find a cacher with less than 100, find a cacher that had a 5/5, find a motorcycle cacher, find someone who's found a cache with a boat, etc. I'm sure someone has more specific information, but there were a lot of options.

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We went to an event yesterday called Swelter at the Shelter (GC1CVA3) that had something similar and it was a Bingo Blackout where only one cacher could sign a square on the page and after you got all the squares you were given the coordinates to a cache hidden nearby. Some of the squares were Cached in another country, Cached in more than 10 states, has injured themselves while caching, has used a boat to cache....etc.......LOTS OF FUN.......... :unsure:

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