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New Brunswick Stores?


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Hmmm. I guess we should check around for events during our holiday. We will also be in the Maritimes starting this weekend. We're only bringing our signature tags and our 'stamp' though :lol:


Make sure you stop by my caches on the way through. If you have the time I highly recommend the falls.

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I'm actually trying to convince my family that we should find out what some covered bridges look like but falls would be good too! Send me the gc# and I'll make sure we add it to our list. It's hard doing a route query when you don't know where you might end up!


We have coins and tags and pins that we'll be dropping along the way - we even have something that fits in a film cannister micro!


If anyone wants 'anything from BC' let me know and if we don't make to the event in Moncton, maybe we can leave it with someone there or hide it along the way and send you the coordinates ;) .

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I'm in Fredericton and use the internet for any caching items. I don't get to NS very often.

Landsharkz, there are covered bridge caches everywhere just south of me. Look up caches near Fredericton Junction and that area. Most of them have "covered bridge" right in their names.


Take Care,


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