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Cachers who dont log TBs or GCs :mad:

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What is up with people who use this site to get info for caches and TBs, go find the caches, take Travel Bugs, but never log them in?


I had a great backstory to my first TB I put out, by pure chance it was picked up here in NJ, and moved to FL only a short distance from a longtime friend, pure fate... the only conjolling I added was asking the holder to maybe put it an a very easy cache as my friend is a newbie. They were happy to help, (and I still thank them very much RobnSue.) A recent cacher was very nice and helped me do some detective work (thank you very much Windz) and wrote me back to tell me there is a log in the book : " 4/6/08 "...Took Knight Chess Piece..." and signed by "Johnathan" but this person never logged in for either the cache or TB.


I mean is it just stupidity? or some other new type of being a wise-@zz?? I tend to lean away from the possible excuse of "maybe they dont know how to log it..." or "...they should log it" as you do need to be somewhat computer savy to find caches you want to try for, get co-oords, put then in your GPS, maybe read hints, so at what point can you say "...aaaah duuuhh i dinin see da part about loggin da finds.." ?

Any newbie (and try to remember we all were or will have been) and remember how stoked you were to log your first find? and even now if you "arent about the numbers" still, you probably have a good caching ethic and have a respect for the game and know it is the ediquette to log, and maybe even advise of "need of maintnence" etc...


This bug A Little Horsin Around TB21DW7 was my first (and at this time only TB out there) It has has a close call or two with muggles in its short career. If anyone has an idea of who this "Jonathan" cacher is, please ask them to move the TB along or at least log it.



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What is up with people who use this site to get info for caches and TBs, go find the caches, take Travel Bugs, but never log them in?


There is no requirement to post online or even to sign the cache log. Finding it is enough for some people.


Then why take an keep a TB without sending along ? Sounds as bad or worse than muggles, because now they are deliberately seeking a cache, taking a TB with little or no intention of moving it along as the owner wishes ... if the owner wanted the TB to be a "gift trinket" for someone to keep, they would have just left it as swag.


Taking a TB out of circulation is putting an end to someone else's game, how is that fair or proper? Especially if you are a "ghost cacher"?

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It looks like someone picked it up on July 12th, but hasn't logged it yet. Try sending a NICE email to the person who picked up a TB on July 12th, and ask them NICELY if it was yours. They only logged on the cache page saying "Picked up TB", but didn't say which one, and there are no others in the cache. They have 48 finds, but have moved 16 TBs and own one, so they know how, they may have just forgotten. But please don't let your email sound like your original post in this thread. Leave the name calling out of it.


Sometimes the TB just plain falls to the bottom of the backpack.

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