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Toronto Star Article..

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I noticed in this weekend's Canadian Tire flyer (here in Ont, at least) there's a Garmin on sale and the ad specifically mentions geocaching.


Still, the look I get from most people I happen to mention it to (I don't go out of my way) is usually one that sort of says "you poor, sad little man....". I love it.

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Those are usually the same guys who chase a little white ball around the SAME finely manicured lawn weekly. At least my sport takes me to a different place almost every time.


Uh oh... I spent yesterday chasing the little white ball, and plan to spend tomorrow hitting a few caches... I'm really in trouble!!! :rolleyes:

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My parents claimed the clip was from Saturdays star, but I can't find it..


I can however find it in Saturdays Barrie Examiner and the Collingwood Tribute. You can probably just print it off from ibycus's posting above if you like!


Yeah, It's the Saturday July 19th strip. As seen here I looked the author up on the web. Wikipedia says it's syndicated in over 100 papers "world wide", but the author is from BC, and I'm guessing almost all of those newspapers are in Canada. From what I see, I like this comic (and not just the geocaching one).

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