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Jefferson Rock harpers Ferry WV


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Probably phyllite of stairs...It didn't "have" to be archived, the owner chose to do that. I asked about taking it over (in a roundabout way) and he pretty much told me he'd rather I didn't though he wouldn't object if I made my own.


I'd love to have it--but I haven't been there yet. We plan to visit that area next year when we go to see my daughter, who lives in DC. We hope to make it a historical battle tour sort of caching adventure.

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thats the one! thanks for finding it for me. I don't get the whole archiving an Earth cache. If you don't want to worry about the logs and email so what? just leave it in place for others to play. Oh well, hopefully somebody else will create a new one in the area.

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Those two earthcaches were a highlight of our trip out east last October; they ranked right up there with the earthcache at the end of Cape Hatteras. My wife was absolutely entranced by the views and what we learned at the location - despite 90 degree heat! They were GCZ693 "A River Runs Through It" and GCZ69B Phyllite of Stairs.

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