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upgrade from Magellan to Garmin


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Just upgrade from an explorist to an Etrex V-HCX. the Garmin does not have streets in it. what is the best way, not necessarily free to get this information for my unit? I see mapsource 2009 upgrade everywhere, but I am not sure that is what I need.

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Yep your right.....linking to the free stuff more as a FYI then anything.......or if turn by turn was not important to him then free might be a good price. I'm also thinking that the free stuff could be a good alternative to purchasing maps if your only going to be in a place once (vacation to Spain or something).

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And you will most definitely want a memory card ... I'd suggest a 2gb card. The maps utilize the card memory. Most of the US will fit on a 2gb card. There are two versions of City Navigator ... one with an "NT" designation and one without. They function the same, but the "NT" version uses a more efficient compression algorithm and you can get all of the US on a single 2gb card. If that's not important to you, you can probably save a few bucks and get the non-NT designated version.


The only difference between the 2008 and 2009 versions are the map surveys on which they are based. Newer version will obviously have newer roads.


will the 2008 version work.. I have found it for $80 bucks...

Can I also copy what I need onto a memory card?

City Navigator 2008 will work fine provided it is new and the unlock code hasn't already been used.

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