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Thank You Helen and Landsharkz

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As followers of my Tequila:81 Proof cache (GC11PZW) are aware, we had a photo finish on Tuesday with psychocyclist and Juicepig crawling across the finish line hand in hand, scratched, bloodied, wet, covered in poison ivy and generally happy as heck that the race was over.


It was an awesome race and should have been televised.


FTF prize, all donated by Landsharkz, included a beautiful 2007 Gold Limited Edition British Columbia Geocoin, unactivated. This coin was never available for purchase and has been kept by Landsharkz for special occasions.


I am very happy to announce that Helen and Landsharkz have graciously offered to supply a second copy of this rare coin so that both FTF cachers can enjoy and own their own personal copy of that coin.


This race has shown geocaching at its finest. Two combatants that had fun with each other as they traversed the province (and apparently nearby states) in their quest. A commercial venture that demonstrated great generosity. And I know there are several other cachers rounding the club house turn.


If you get a chance, read some of the logs. They are true tales of adventure.


And thank you Helen and Landsharkz for making the Canadian version of the "Fizzy 81" challenge, truly Canadian and a little bit different than the American versions.


Tequila (cacher and hound)

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It was an awesome race and should have been televised.


That would actually be a pretty intense TV show.. we can call it "100% concentrated awsome"


We will take some extra pictures at the CITO this week when we re-divy up the prizes (I had a blury lens on my camera from using it under salt water..)


You guys are amazingly generous and make fantastic coins! Thank you!


Anyone who can take my incesant ramblings and make these beuties out of them should have their own forum topic for praise :D







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Ok, so I finally logged on to the Canada forums and this is what I find! Thank you - I really enjoy my work and the rewards are numerous. I spent 20+ years moving up and down the ladder in health care, before jumping ship for self employment. The certificates I studied so hard for are now gathering dust. :rolleyes:


COG rock - you guys are awesome to work with - so easy to please :rolleyes:. JP and co... your incessant ramblings are fine with me <_< . We take you back every time so you can't be that bad.


Was I the last to notice that Girls Phind Squirrels is a long form of GPS? I have multiple cords Kathleen - your request was totally cool, no worries. Naomi - there are now more coins and stuff on my desk for you - they'll be hand delivered again next week :) .


We will be at RVQuebec and would love it if you'd drop by our booth. We'll be bringing Beaver Dude's Autograph book - so please come by with your sticker, stamp or signature and add to our memories. Thank you again for your notes of appreciation. Finding this thread truly made my day :rolleyes: .

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