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2008 Windy Rock Events

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This past weekend, I tried something new. Roasting twinkies on a campfire.


Apparently this is something that a lot of people know about. I wasn't one of those people.


You want me to bring twinkies?!?!?!?

He** Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

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I've seen pictures, and I've heard stories, about t-birds bonfires.


I better have Mr. Schmeni build me longer twinkie-roasting-sticks! (Unless I have a desire to lose my eyebrows!)

Mr Schmeni better make them about 10 feet long. Eyebrows are optional after the event. Ya may want to bring your sunscreen also. :P

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What a fun weekend :):lol:


I recommend everyone put the Windy Rock weekend on your calender for next year. This was my first year and I had a blast. The Haunted Barn was a great time, the food was wonderful and the fire lived up to it's reputation. A BIG thank you to the whole Windy Rock crew.


Chris-Team Shydog

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