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Does Oregon's Clock Work Right?

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I'd loke to ask GOR$'r if he's noticed if the clock function actually functions correctly in the new Oregon. I never got it to keep accurate time in my Colorado. Surely this was fixed in the Oregon?


Since a GPS receiver can't work unless it keeps accurate time, I can't help but wonder what you mean. The clock in the unit is synced every time it gets a sat lock, I don't see how it could be wrong (unless there was a hardware failure with your unit). Do you possibly have a time zone or DST setting misconfigured?

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I haven't seen any issues with the OR clock, but I'm assuming that you are referring to the clock being off when the unit boots before it has satellite lock?


The timers/stopwatch on the OR don't run fast like the CO do.




What my experience has been with 3 different Colorado 300's, is that if the unit had been off for a couple of days or so, is then turned back on where a sat signal was unavailable, the clock was either several minutes to several DAYS off the correct time! Sure, this problem fixes itself once the unit re-acquires, but if you're depending on the alarm function or the barometric pressure plotting (while unit is off), you're out of luck!

Surely this corrected in the Oregon.

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