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Any other cachers doing Trailwalker this weekend?

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Myself, Peter "House of Boo", WelshAngel and SirClimbsalot are doing the 62 mile Trailwalker challenge this weekend as team "Four King Hell". We're being aided by Andybug along with LadyElph and Jo "House of Boo" too, who will be resupplying us at each checkpoint!


You can follow our exploits and send us messages on Saturday and Sunday at http://trailwalker.dixo.net/live-tracker. Morale boosting messages most welcome, especially if you spot we're approaching an easy cache!


I know of one other cacher, Alboy, doing it - he too has a tracking page for his team up at http://alsangels.dixo.net/live-tracker


Are there any other cachers attempting this?

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I'm glad you've highlighted this- I've put some money Pete's way as a thanks for the work he did on my movie. It's going to be quite an adventure. Will you be doing much caching enroute?


The same weekend I'm doing a mere 20 miles in 9 hours so have some idea of what's involved. You guys are crazy! The very best of luck with it and I hope you all get to the end in one piece.

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Thanks to Paul for his very neat little updating system and ironing out my incompetence in using it! I too shall be blogging my way round providing my blackberry battery lasts the distance.


If someone wants to set a cache at Brighton racecourse I'll certainly do it once (if!) I get there!


Forecast looks OK if a little windy (and it's very exposed on the South Downs so it might be a factor)


I am looking forward to my emotions after 45 miles, it's pitch black and has been for a few hours and there's a blooming great hill in front of us...

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Good luck. That's a heck of a distance! I had been planning on walking the Channel to Channel (English Channel to Bristol Channel). It's 50 miles and we were planning on doing it in 24 hours. We've cancelled it now though because I managed to injure my back and have been out of training for a few months.


I hope you have excellent walking weather and that you enjoy the challenge!

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Al's Angels finished in 28 hrs and 19 minutes. It's a long, long, long time to be walking! But we stuck at it and managed to get our weakest link to the finish, so whilst we didn't set as good a time as we wanted, we got there in the end.


I'm sure I speak for all teams when I say it is an amazing event, and an experience no one who does it will forget.


I'm not yet sure what happened to Paul yet, I was texting him from time to time as we went round but he fell off the radar towards the end? But regardless, anyone who even starts this event deserves huge credit.


Actually, I've just read his blog so I know. You have my respect for getting to 7 with a twisted ankle. Much of the trail is flint stone in a chalk base and it really strains your ankles. It was a really really tough part of the course, there's a big long hill between 6 and 7 and at night it was absolutely freezing in the wind on the exposed ridge. I had a fleece and a winter jacket on over my top and I was struggling to generate enough heat to keep warm. I passed one shivering girl wrapped in her emergency blanket and waiting to be picked up, and loads of others were suffering as well.


We had the same issue at that point, one member of our team was really suffering and we had to tell her that we couldn't continue with her going that pace. I've so much respect for her that on the next stage she really dug deep and eventually made it to the end.


It would be good to see more cachers go for it next year!

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I'm lying in a tent at the Piratemania campsite, spending a week recovering!


I'd been training all year for this, and having to drop out with an injury I'd never had before was bitterly disappointing.


It was fantastic experience though with such euphoric highs and just-leave-me-here-to-die lows. Our entire team and support crew did brilliantly, and Pete's determination to reach the end with blisters the size of space hoppers was admirable. We raised over £3000 for Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust, thankyou to everyone sponsored us, that was double our original target!


Thanks also for all the messages, they kept us smiling.


While on the trail, I could not imagine wanting to put myself through it twice. When the pain has gone and my toenails have grown back, I just might do that.

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Well done, and sympathies to LordElph. I can relate to this type of walk: a few people in this office enter the annual IOM Parish Walk every year (that's 85 miles around the island in under 24 hours - rather tiring I believe).


Some of them even complete it (someone managed it twice non-stop in less than 48 hours :lol: ). Might be one to consider next June?

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Is it very hilly? If its for a good cause and theres a tacky medal at the end of it count me in*! Whose with me???

Naw...it's all flat. Except for a few hills in the south and west, and a couple in the east. But nothing major, not more than 1200 feet of ascent anyway. Most of the hills in the north are minor bumps, and it's all along the roads so no real problem to hardened walkers like you.

There's plenty of chance to raise money for good causes (should I have said that?... probably not), and shedloads of caches along the way. You have 11 months to train. Medals are suitably tacky.




If there are some cachers thinking of attempting it next June, there could be an Event arranged and perhaps a series of caches (one at each parish church). I'll offer water along the way from the comfort of my Bentley. :D I'll call the ambulance for Lord Elph as well. ;)


I won't be attempting the walk though!

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