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Discussing local geocaching organisations

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This orginasation thing were tried a year or two ago and was shot down as a bad idea by some people, including yourself- Globalrat!

What made you change your mind now? :D BUT it is definatly for the better as we need orginasations. Lets support this effort and get a few going!

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Anyone out there doing maintenance on http://geocachingranking.com? I would like to update my stats manually but don't recall my password, and the website tells me it can't send my email requesting assistance. Anyone able to help?


Crisis over! I finally cracked my password by trawling through my memory banks. I will now record it in a safe place! :)


Hey Guys do you guys know how I can get hold of them, (at the site) to get myself reg? Cause it does not work when I try and email them of there "email " link? This is to get my password.

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The first SA website dedicated to geocaching.


Geocaching Ranking Home Page


I have tried countless times to send a message to signup and on the odd occasion the message goes through with no response. But most of the time I get a "could not send last message"return.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction please.




Send me a PM and I will get you set up !!






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The first SA website dedicated to geocaching.


Geocaching Ranking Home Page


Does anyone know how we can get added? I looked in the FAQ section and this is what it says :


"Q: I do not apear in the ranking, what do I need to do to get added?


A: Send us a message using the contact us page with your Geocaching handle and your email address and we will add you."


When I try and send a mail this is the end result :


"Contact Us

This website has been writen and designed (for the most part) by geo-geeks who wish to provide a service to you the geocacher. please let us know if there are any changes that you would like to make to the website. Any addition, new feature, geocaching related information will be looked at for at least a minute before it is discarded.


Use the box below to send us a quick message,

(if you know of any cachers not in the rankings, let us know, we add them MANUALLY)


Please provide your caching name or login to the site before sending a message.


Your province (if South African):

Western Cape

Your Email Address:





Your Message:


Please add me. Ladyflyza




Could not send last message."


Please help. I would really like to be able to compare my stats.



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Effectively it is an open to all South African geocachers association, with two main objectives: promoting geocaching and facilitate the hosting of major events, i.e. a mega event. GoSA is a legal entity, and as such can open a bank account and contract with other parties. We shall soon post the Constitution, as accepted by the founding members, on the forum for all to see.


More news to follow in due time.

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