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NYC Chess Playing Cachers needed!


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I posted this in the TB forum but it was suggested that I post here in the regional forum as well. Please help!


I am currently in possession of the following two travel bugs whose mission is to play each other in Washington Square Park in New York City. TBJ7WP Black Knights TBJ1RC White Knights Unfortunately I am unable to play chess so I am trying to get two fellow cachers together to help complete the mission. I can meet at the park anytime during the week at lunch time or can arrange to meet up on the weekends. The cachers must be willing to have their pictures taken playing chess to be posted to the TB websites. If I can not find any cachers to play I will have to find a couple of muggles to complete the mission. I hope you can help!!



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I'm a little rusty but can play chess (you didn't ask how well though), if you need fodder and you can't get anyone else. I can get down to Washington Square Park for a lunch hour during the weekday. One caveat - I'll agree to play another geocacher. I'm not going up against the pros at the Park. My ego would never survive the mauling. :D

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