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New Forest Caches - which ones?

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Hello, please bear with me as I am diving into the forum head first ;):huh: .


Can people with knowledge of the New Forest area give me a heads up on caches that we may be able to do when we are there on hols later this month.


To complicate matters we have to consider a couple of things to decide what caches are likely to be achievable.


We have a toddler with us so cannot do mega hikes, he will walk but only when he wants :) . The terrain/distance is important to me (Mrs S) as I will have had an operation (nothing major, but enough not to be able to do much iyswim). So caches needed to be close ish to car parking and no mega climbs.


Will consider all caches, though the boys do prefer ones with 'treasure'.


Oh and finally we are staying at a caravan site in Bransgore, though we have a car with us.


In advance ~ Many thanks everyone for you help :huh:;)

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We went to the New Forest last year and had a lovely time: it's a beautiful area. I'd definitely recommend GCZ832 "Pip's Patch and a Naughty Monkey" - it's about a 5 mile walk (we walked to the start from Milford on Sea so it added a bit to our walk), but you could drive between the first two and third/fourth clues then walk or drive a bit closer to the final if legs were tired.

The "Brews & Views" caches by nobby.nobs are nice too - we did the first two.

Have fun!

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Not something I've done before (promote own cache :D ) but I think that our Grandmas Pond GCZ1ZE will fit the bill perfectly. In fact I recon you must have writen your requirements around it :D . Make sure that you take plenty of bread with you though.


Pine Path GCKQZR is not too far from Bransgore and a short flat walk.


The Fat Controller's Find GC110G3 is a nice easy find and only a short walk with a short gentle climb up onto the disused railway embankment, even my aging parents managed this one :D.


The three caches in Wilverly Enclosure are well worth a visit and about a 2 mile walk in total on basically flat terrain. They are Ellie's Wellies GCRFM9, summer picnic one GC15HEH and summer picnic two GC15HER.


The Time for Tea! cache previously mentioned is a rather nice one but if my memory serves me correctly (it was a long time ago) it was quite a long multi so may not meet your requirements.


Hope you have a great time, It's one of my favorite places, which reminds me, I must go and see my parents sometime soon :D .

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I might as well start by promoting my own here, Why Here Now Past and Present (approx 3' walk). You can also pick up a Fat Controlers find while in the area.


Near Wilversley plain carpark 50 48.491 7 38.444 there are several that fit the discription where you never go that far from the car park. "Ellies Wellies" and the Picnic 2. There is often an Ice Cream van here, although not certain which days. Great for kite flying here.


Lymington is worth a visit especially on Saturday for the market and several caches there (Lymington Park Cache). Although Muggles on a Saturday are every where! You can also pick up a "Deadmans Ransom" Parking at 50 43.982 1 32.995 makes this a 10 minute walk but its well worth taking the left hand path walking to much to the "left" out onto the wall and turning right coming back from the wall makes a nice 20min walk.


If you are feeling brave you can always try 7 reds, but that one is worth reading up on first.


"Hop to the beach" and "Come for a swim" are pleasent caches that can be done in one. Ice cream is also available. Think there is a flight of Railway sleeper type stairs.


"Miss the crouds" "holly post" "woods corner" and "Sir Dudleys Ride" (which I did not find :D ) make a nice walk as well but maybe a bit far and terrain not the best for miss the crowds.


Also Bournmouth has plenty to side track children and some intresting Caches.


For children "The Pirates Suprise" is worth looking at although only available on Mondays and Tuesdays! There are other Caches in the area that can be combined as well although I have not done them.


Great Pines and A finxley fix are also work a visit as its a nice corner of the forest to drive through.


Hope I have not listed to many!



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Bearing in mind mention of toddler and your own op we would recommend these one stage traditionals that are the flattest and shortest walks we can think of with big containers within the New Forest boundary.


three by same owner :-

Ellies Wellies GCRFM9

Fat Controller GC11OG3

A Finley Fix GC1AZ8T


A Boggy Cache GC15d8Q

Finish Your Picnic GC15HG9

Rock Hills GC189NB

Knockin on Ovens Door GC189NB( a must in our opinion )

Begginers Luck GC1TN (if you can manage a highish stile at start and don't mind the parking in gravel layby along busy A35)

Under the Greenwood Trees GCPYF ( if taking shorter walk from gravel layby along Bolderwood drive to the east ,short slope at start but lovely old trees )



Just outside Ringwood off A31,short flat walk and big container .

Dr Beeching's Legacy GCJK3

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Nice posting, we are heading to the New Forest this summer too and appreciate the advice.


Some replies suggest places to park, we will be in our motorhome which is rather tall, can anyone advise whether the car parks mentioned have height restrictions?


None of the Frestry Commission car parks we can recall have height restrictions at present.

(The car park for Lovers Trough cache isn't F.C. )

Some have gates that advise they are locked at dusk because of "unsociable behaviour".


edited to add


Googling "New Forest Focus 2008" leads to a Forestry Commission page where you can download a map showing the Forsetry Commission car parks .

And can also download a copy of the "New Forest Focus 2008 "

(also available for free in some of the car parks ) with lots of info to enhance a visit .


(I can't recall how to do a link and he who does is not home to show me .)

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