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$250 fines for tampering


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The financial impact of tampering is the least of our problems!


Little known fact but, these geodetic control point things also serve to affix the mud world through the intervening fabric of the geoid to the round, hard spheroid underneath. If you mess with enough of these anchor points, the solar wind will start to rip the surface of the Earth right off. Then, the resulting imbalance will cause the whole thing to roll off the back of the large turtle that's holding us up. It goes downhill (literally) from there.




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That's an important reminder, Will.


I vaguely recall on one of the old threads someone said that although it is rare for anyone to be criminally charged, there was a case of a contractor who willfully destroyed an important station (HARN?) who had to pay something on the order of $10-15K to have it reestablished.

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