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Downloading Caches to eTrax Legend


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I'm so green here if you stuck me in the ground I would take root.


I have my eTrax hooked up via a USB adaptor and supplied serial cable to my PC. When I downloaded and installed the Garmin Communication program it installed fine and did the test, which worked fine as well.


When I select and down load my choices from the cache lists it puts them onto my desktop. How do I get the list from my desktop to my eTrax?


Thanks for any help given

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If you're saving GPX or LOC files to your desktop, you can use one of the programs mentioned or you can also use the MAPSOURCE program which came on the CD with your eTrex. If can download waypoints to your GPSr.


There's also a plug-in I believe which will allow you to one by one download the waypoints from GC directly to your GPSr. I don't use it, perhaps someone whop does can chime in and point out the mechanics of that method as well.

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