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How good are GPSr in newer phones?


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My cell contract is almost up, and I can get a nice discount on a new phone with a GPS. My question is, does anyone here actually use a phone for geocaching? (a real GPS, not a 'guess' based on cell tower signals like the iPhone does (I think)


I currently have a eTrex Vista HCx, which works great most of the time. However, it would be nice to be able to carry just one device. Here are phones I was looking at that supposedly have true GPSr.


HTC Mogul, aka


* Alltel HTC PPC6800

* Bell HTC 6800

* Qwest Mogul by HTC

* Sprint Mogul by HTC

* Telus HTC P4000

* US Cellular HTC PPC6800

* Verizon Wireless XV6800


and HTC Touch/Elf.


I'm only looking at Windows Mobile phones, as that is what I must use for work.


Thank you.

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I've used a phone based GPSr (Blackberry Curbe and an HTC) in a pinch to cache, but it's no where near as responsive nor a useable as a regular handheld. Stick with your handheld for caching.


With that said ... I do like the various GPS enabled applications that are available for smart phones. For example, I have been using the Trimble Geocache Navigator application which reads the GPS on the phone to figure out where I'm and than allows me to pull up cache writeups instantly for anything nearby.

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I have Mogul by HTC with Sprint as the provider. I really like the phone itself and use it for paperless cacheing, but it is not able to act as a GPS (at least with Sprint).


You need to update the firmware on your phone, Sprint enabled the GPS a long time ago.


I am pretty sure all of the phones on your list are the same thing.


I too have a Sprint Mogul and I have been using it as my only GPS and it works great. The only drawbacks are it is not as tough as most hand held GPS units and it sometimes has a hard time getting a GPS lock when you can not get a cellular signal.

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We use our blackberry curves for paperless caching using the trimble software on a daily basis. In a pinch we will use their GPS capability to go caching with. From what I understand, they have they have the same chip as my Garmin but not the sensitivity that comes from an antenna. Overall it works pretty well.


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