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First of all, thanks for a great Macro, that works fine on my 760 as long as I do not tick "Include Found caches?", Unavailable/Archived caches?" or "IncludePlaced caches?". If one or more are ticked, the 760 turns off as soon as "Wiew Map" is pushed.


But, what I see, is that all child waypoints to a cache has the same icon as the parent waypoint, and I find that a bit confusing.

I have modified all Geocache related icons to 24 x 24 with bright green background to make it easier for a 50+ year eye to see it on the map. :lol: . I like to use all this icons with this macro, including Parking Area, Reference Point and so on. Is there a way to edit the macro so that the right icon is shown on the map on child waypoints ?

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