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first GPS (legend HCX) need help download waypoints

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my wife and i just got our first GPS unit for geocaching... a Legend HCX...


i've downloaded a few waypoints into a .LOC file... but i'm not sure how to get them onto the Garmin unit. i'm on a mac, so i'm used to not needing USB drivers... but i checked the Garmin site anyway and didn't find any for the mac.


nor does there seem to be any Mac software @ geocaching.com, to download LOC files into my unit .. so i searched Version Tracker and found an app called Load My Tracks that seems to be able to convert LOC files into GPX files that i can put onto the Legend. however, i still can't seem to get any communication between the Legend and my mac.


there must be other mac users here who download waypoints.. to a Legend..(?).. please help.! let us know how you're doing it.


thank you!


(we're in Pound Ridge, NY, btw)

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ok.. i've managed to get it to work..


a search on the Mac Caching forum lead me to "MyGarmin" on the garmin website... there there was a download for a Mac USB driver.. it's installed and everything seems to work now...


now, i've got a map question...


when i'm zoomed into a location on the GPS near my house, the screen is just yellow.. there is no surrounding streets on my GPS.. not even my home street.. do i need the "city map" or whatever it's called to display local roads?




welcome to the Forums! :lol:


There is a program called MacCaching that is apparently similar to the program for PC called GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife). You might give it a try.

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