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COINTEST: Receive your first mysteriecoin


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Hey GeoError, what an awesome cointest! I think I may have to have one just before there is ice on the lakes! ;) By the way, I got your other sig item you sent me. Both are very cool! THANK YOU!!!

Happily I can not enter. :rolleyes: Secret agent thing you know!


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Corina! you are so generous!!! WOW! :huh:


Well...I do not have this beautiful coin, and I would love to have it in the future, but I already have the mystery coin "imagine", and a trackable secret agent, so I do not qualify in this cointest!


Well you know that I like posting in cointests for the fun, so.... :o

In this one, I only wanted to say thank you for what you are doing, and spreading happiness to non mystery finders or receivers! :o


Please do not count my post in the cointest, so everything will be according to the rules, and fair for everyone! :huh:

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Receive your first mysteriecoin closed.


i want to say :


The dark knight has give me this mysteriecoin and i am going to pass it through to the lucky who i draw.


:huh::o So please thank the Dark knight , he gives this coin away. :o;)



iam going write down the numbers and then draw random, :huh: who has luck on 13 juli. ;)

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DROMMM Drommmm Drommmm


The lucky first mysteriecoiner receiver is::





No mystery coins here :huh:

Would be great to win one :o

Thanks for payin' it forward!



;);):)Congrats Geoks :D:huh::o


Please send me your adress.


:D Please thank the Dark knight it are his mysteriecoins :D

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WOOHOO - we just got back from a long day of hiking in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Great weather, excellent scenery, wildflowers aplenty - and this is like the cherry on top of the sundae, the sprinkles on top of the cake, the extra cheese on the pizza. What a great way to end the day!


Thanks SO MUCH for our very first mystery geocoin. Can't wait to tell the GeoKids.


Hmmm...how to pay it forward....

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:unsure: Hello there!!! I hope you understand that the Three Black Labs would have such a fun party with your little bat :ph34r: . I can see them all running around the house knocking everything over trying to catch him before he finds his way into a wonderful cache hidden :ph34r: here in Ohio (USA) - please pick me and the Three Black Labs - it will be such a party!!!! :ph34r:
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