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How do you load your maps

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I recently bought a GPSMap 76 CSX. I also got the CN and TOPO maps as well as a 2 GB card. I'm looking for advice on how you loaded your maps and how you use them. I know the complete sets of both won't fit on a single card. I'd like to be able to use both. I'd like to use the CN maps to get to the start of trails and then I would like to use the TOPO maps to get to the cache. Should I load both maps on one card and limit the maps loaded or should I load CN and TOPO on their own card and swap them as I need them? What have you found that works best for you?

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Assuming you got CN NT ... you'll find that all of the US and Canada will fit on a 2GB card with space left over. I loaded all of the contenental US and the topo maps for my home state and those nearby (where I usually find myself hiking) filling the remaining card space with topo.


This works well for me as I usually don't find myself doing adhoc hikes too far from home and I still have all turn by turn information for the US so that if I go on a trip, I have needed directions.


If I travel where I plan to have time to hike, I'll load up a seperate card with regional turn by turn maps and topo and swap cards (or actually, I use a card reader on my PC instead of loading directly to the GPSr, so I can simply copy the pre-compiled mapset to the card as the need dictates).


I then use the GPSr map settings to turn on/off topo and turn-by-turn display in the field.


I find loading to my card installed in a reader is much faster than using the GPSr interface.

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when I go on a trip outside of my state, I would load the states Im going to. I just got back from a 2 week vacation and loaded the states I was going to. If im staying home for a while, I just have my Topo map and CN NT 09 state loaded in my unit. I could load all, but I dont see the reason to do it. Also, when I do plan a trip, I also load waypoints and along with the maps, so I guess i load specifically for my trip Im going on. Good luck,

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