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POIs vs. waypoints? csv vs. gpx? HELP!


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So I just started playing around with custom POIs and a Garmin "x" model.


What are the the advantages of .csv files over .gpx files?


What's the advantage of waypoints if I can export all of my waypoints to a .gpx file and load them as POIs?


I'm so cornfused!?!?!

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csv v. gpx

The solution is somewhat simple in that Garmin sends out pocket queries in gpx format. gpx is read by MapSource, EasyGPS and most other third-party software. csv is a file read and able to be edited with MS Excel. Lots of non-caching websites that build POI libraries use the csv format. For example, from gpspassion.com, I downloaded a csv file of all the Starbucks in the US, and a file of all the In-n-Outs. These csv files get uploaded simoultaneously with my caching gpx files. So, there really is no advantage; they are just two different formats capable of the same thing. Kinda like Ford v Chevy.



1. Each POI can hold 44 characters in the title/name and 88 in the notes/comments/hints section. A waypoint holds 16 in the title and 30 in the notes section.

2. POIs are stored on the data card. Roughly 3mb holds 15000 POIs.

3. Once the POI is uploaded, you can't edit it like you can a waypoint. But, you do have the option of saving the POI as a waypoint - so long as you haven't taken up the 500/1000 limit.

4. You can create your own icons to go with each gpx/csv file you upload. You can make a simple icon using MS Paint or get more creative with other software.



GSAK really shines for creating your gpx file to upload as a POI. It combines your PQs and using all sorts of different parameters, you can customized the POI's with a myriad of information.

e.g. this command - %drop2 %typ1 %dif1a%ter1a%con1 %last4 - for the POI name generates "10ENV 23S FFNF", which is the GC code (without the GC); 2 is difficulty level; 3 is terrain level; S is small container; and the last four attempts to find the cache. F=found; N=DNF. For the hint section I use %hint-%name, which will put the hint in the comment section and if there is room, it will put the name of the cache next.



This is the only additional program you need to install POIs. It's free and available from Garmin.


This link describes more info on this process.


Additionally, This thread is somewhat long but detailed.

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Some clarification on gpx files.


Garmin can also send out your PQs as .loc files. You make the selection at the bottom of the PQ setup page. Make sure you select gpx, not loc. loc files essentially only include the GC and coordinates. The gpx file will add all the other juicy stuff - hints, diff/terrain, etc...


Good luck...

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To add:


Waypoints are editable and can be deleted on the fly. POI's can only be changed by attaching to the computer and running an update. This includes the ability to change the symbol for a waypoint while in the field (for example, I change the symbol of any cache attempted to a smiley or DNF so I know when I get home what I went looking for).


Waypoints can be visible regardless of the zoom. POI's will only show up when your zoomed to 500' or closer.




I tend to use Waypoints for local caches I have yet to find. POI's for caches that I've found already and those in the outer radius of my local area that exceed the waypoint limit. (Actually, it has all the local waypoints as well -- and this is where I store the "hint" text as was mentioned previously).

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Waypoints can be visible regardless of the zoom. POI's will only show up when your zoomed to 500' or closer.



Don't know what GPSr you're using. But, this zoom level is customizable on my Vista HCx. I usually have it set to 800'


Yep, mine is out to 12 miles.


Go to Map Setup - Points, and change the zoom level for User Waypoints.

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