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Last Welsh Trig - party time.

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Good luck with your trip, but I think you shall be lucky to find anyone to accompany you. It appears that weekend is a busy one on the Geocaching calendar. Why not put off your trip and come and join us at the Mega Event instead?


OK, good point. Replanned for Sun 10 Aug. To involve S6561 Red Hill (SO1550) and S5656 Colva Hill (SO1955), and a pub and Hundred House (SO1154). Details and order t.b.c.


Now, how to change the thread subtitle ?!

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Yes, dry out indeed! Having survived a rain lashed, wind blown day in the mountains on Saturday I digested Sunday morning's weather forecast along with a hearty breakfast at the Red Lion before heading down the road to Hundred House! Key point of note, "showers although heavy at times will be short lived as they're pushed along by strong winds." An accurate forecast for a change! Only needed waterproofs for warmth whilst waiting rendezvous at the two key trigpoints during the day. I set out on a 16 mile walk meeting the group at the two trigs whilst they did the first then return to Hundred House for lunch before heading out for the second.


Enjoyed the cache at Allt Dderw especially for it's sheltered location! Was like a different world down there out of the elements and for while it seemed like it was the middle of summer?!


Well done Rob for clearing all Wales trigpoints and apart from the event I believe you actually bagged a physical cache as well! Thanks Mark and Liane for organising the event and to all who braved the elements to attend.

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Yes, dry out indeed!


Thanks Mark and Liane for organising the event and to all who braved the elements to attend.


That was a brave route on Saturday, Paul :) I was happy to settle for that line of Flush Brackets conveniently lined up along the A44 en route :). Thanks to all for turning out, the Hopper (now off earthcaching in Pembs I believe..) for setting up the Event, and to Superted for the nifty little commemorative trig :huh:


BTW the REVIVED TRIGPOINTING FORUM is here http://gagb.co.uk/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=19

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Congratulations on such a huge achievement - the first ever!? Great event, something a bit different, felt honoured to do the last Trig with you. I believe it was our first Welsh trig! :)


The Hundred House was a great pub to meet up in, too.


There's a tale behind the commemorative cache, btw... my PDA died on me and I lost the co-ords for it :P:P


So, on the way back from Pembrokeshire today, I drove home to Lancs on the A483 (the route I would've used anyway) and went BACK to the hilltop and the trig, and had to find the cache without co-ords in the middle of all that heather and bracken. Luckily I went straight to it, and as soon as I got a fresh set of co-ords I made sure I texted them straight to the more reliable Hopper :laughing:


We did a few trigs on our travels and am now probably HOOKED!


Good luck if you are doing the English completion, too :D

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Yup, hooked on trigs - got some very funny photos of some trig antics in Pembrokeshire which we will be uploading shortly. We even had to remove some heavy ivy growth from one and give it a new lease of life, which will undoubtedly cause a few Welsh peeps to wonder where on earth that trig, now standing firmly above the hedge, came from. It looked more like a tree stump when we found it. Well done Rob - excellent afternoon in excellent company. Whisky (I never touch it, hic) and chocolate biscuits at the summit - very civilised. Looking forward to setting up a similar event to commemorate the finding of the last surviving English trigpoint. [:laughing:]

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