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Magellan GPS Tracker - Accuracy - Should I Upgade

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I have a old Magelllan Tracker GPS unit - I think I got it in '98. I used it for some time over the years but it hadn't been used for probably 5 years so I thought I would try using it to find a cache the other day with my 5 year old son. It was not repeatable and I'm not sure how accurate it was since we were unable to find the cache we were looking for.


Is it worth upgrading. I have been looking at new units but I'm not sure how much more accurate the new units would be - maybe they update more often.


Thanks for the help.

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I went geocaching with some people a couple of weeks ago. It was during a reunion of a bunch of geocachers and there were a handfull of caches used as teaching aids. My old IFinder Pro was just as fast and accurate as any of the other GPS units there. Everybody had newer GPS units and they were all Garmins. Like almost everyone else, my IFinder got me within a few feet of the caches.


In the middle of the classroom where there were only 2 windows, I could get a fix on my position just as fast as anyone else. One lady had a Garmin 60csx and she could not get any satellite reception at all. Anyway, my old IFinder surprised a lot of people.


GPS accuracy....there are a lot of myths about this. I've owned a Garmin 45 and a Lowrance GlobaNav 200. They were both great and plenty accurate.

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If you don't have any issues with the unit and is working up to your expectations, you might be better off holding onto it! WAAS will improve accuracy to within 3 meters, but other than that, your unit won't be much more accurate than newer units. With advances in technology, newer units will allow for better coverage under dense foliage and will be quicker at acquiring GPS signals. It all depends on what features are important to you.



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