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How often should I visit my cache?

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That's way more maintenance than you would need to do, unless your container or camo is very fragile, or you just like visiting it to see what's been left in there. :D If it needs maintenance, someone will surely post a note for it to let you know. Also, a lot of us do minor maintenance to caches we find that may need a new log sheet or a piece of tape or something, just to save the owner an extra trip.

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I'm trying to check on my cache about once a month - not really out of necessity, but because I'm curious what people have put in and if there are any trackables to discover. I don't know though if I can keep up that schedule when I've placed more caches...



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Have one that I haven't visited in almost four years! It's sister cache had not been visited in over a year, so I trekked in, to retrieve a TB. If there aren't any DNFs or problems listed, not really any need to revisit. A couple of DNFs, or reported problems will usually get me there within two weeks. Other than that, if you want to, or feel the need to restock, go right ahead. Otherwise, go with what feels right.

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