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Magellan Gold GPS Unit Opinions?

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Newcomer to the hobby- and on a budget. I've found a Magellan Gold unit for sale locally, and am wondering if it would make a decent first handheld unit. My 2 kids absolutely love to go 'treasure hunting'. I was originally looking for a Legend, but came across this one for a deal. i just don't want to buy it, and then realize it's not as functional as the Legend. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks! Frog

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The Magellan Gold has worked great for Jynjur and I for the last 787 finds. It doesn't carry cache info like some of the newer ones do, just the essential GC number and waypoint so you'll either have to carry paper or go with an additional paperless solution. I've used Geobuddy with the Meridian Gold both for loading caches to the unit and using the unit for real time navigation with Geobuddy on a laptop. It also works well with GSAK and the like. Hope you enjoy it as well as we have ours if you decide to purchase it.




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I have one and really like it. I have a Garmin Map 60 CSX also and do not hesitate to take the Meridian Gold with me. Very good unit. I also used it in my car and it does a great job. I have sold off a lot of them, but not the Meridian gold. Easy to use and I often let friends join in with me hunting for them. I don't hink you would be sorry. Price is the only X factor. That was the cream of the crop at one time......



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