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pivotal moments in a geo cachers life!

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Today I managed a number of pivotal moments within my new life as a geo-cacher :D To start with, a little trip down the road and I found a nice little cache in dingle wood, in the west midlands UK, then as I'm walking up the road with the dog, I'm checking out how to get there on foot on my A to Z map and I walk into my first lamp post!! :D All those topics on the forum came back to haunt me and I couldnt stop laughing, Old biddy going up the road thought I was crazy!! LOL


Doing the Saltwells cache I found my first ever Travel Bug "Lost souls". My first stupid moment, (as a cacher that is!) took a wrong turn climbed over a branch and promptly fell on my back side.

Last but not least, all those perfect moments that I could have photographed if I hadn't forgotten my blinking camera!! Unbelieveable!!


Im curious, what other pivotal moments have others had? Anything you would like to share? Let me know I'm not the only one please...

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OK let's add 2 caches in a small regional park, where I got confused which one I marked as found, so I had to back track, and while doing that walked within 15ft of the other cache. It was when I wasn't looking at the GPS, (

#2 coordinates had earlier led me to the garbage can by the entrance - ok so I am a total newbie) and I was walking back to the car from my back-tracking and saw #2 sticking out about 2inches from under the porch of the old farmhouse on the property.

Sometimes it does help to actually look around as you trek along.


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Im curious, what other pivotal moments have others had? Anything you would like to share? Let me know I'm not the only one please...


I found a cache on a tank today in less than 2 minutes of searching. This particular cache has 53 finds, and 61 DNFs.




I actually did one a little quicker a couple of weeks ago but past attempts at searches for caches on tanks have taken *far* longer.


I actually had a really good caching day. I started out with a cache that was the closest to home (just over 10 miles) that was an ammo can .5 miles up and down a very steep hill. I followed that up by DNFing on a cache that was another 2 miles up a seasonal road that turned out to be a popular spot for 4th of July weekend camping, then two caches in a row that had been muggled. One was an ammo can that was tossed along the trail about 100' from GZ (I replaced the log and added some swag). The other only had a few plastic bags and the cache pencil nearby (It was hidden in the foundation at the home where John D. Rockafeller was born) and I replaced the entire cache on that one. Armed with lots of cache karma I finished off the day with 20 finds with a real nice mix of large and small caches, and only the one DNF.

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Over the three-day holiday weekend:

30 finds.

One of these had been disabled because it was missing. We had old data so found it anyway :)

One of the finds had been replaced because it was missing. We found the original :D

Only two DNF's.

Unfortunately, one of the DNF's had 112 finds and no previous DNF's :(

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In a very small parking area near the Shenango Reservoir in PA, I left my truck and headed to the cache. It was night (duh) and it was either when I reached into the truck to get my caching gear out or when I reached in to stash my caching gear back, my cell phone fell out of the holder.


Drove 30 miles home only to discover it missing! :(


Drove 30 miles back to the parking place and figured it would be a good trek trying to find it in the dark. But, LO! Look there! It's right here in the little parking lot. Bent down, picked it up only to find it was CRUSHED. One does not know if I crushed on the way out, or on the way in the second time. Worst part -- I thought of not pulling into the lot until I searched for the phone and decided, "Nah. What's the chance of that." Well, now we know.


Lost the phone one other time, but was only 5 miles from home. Same deal, discovered the phone missing upon driveway arrival. This one I knew was going to be hard. Dark of course, and I had missed an obvious trail in the darkness and had bushwhacked in.... one of those thorn bushes ripped it out of the holder.


I took my wife's phone with me and dialed my number frequently and found the phone only about 10 feet off where I had parked. Lucky that time.


I now have a "strap on" phone carrier for caching.... no more lost phones for me.



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Went out with hubby and daughter - hubby has really got it down, and it was only his third time coming out with us....we're walking back to the parking area after finding our three intended caches, when suddenly he bounds off the path and starts moving rocks from a little pile...voila! A cache. It wasn't listed on geocaching.com because it was a letterbox....but clearly, he's got the nose....

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We, Mrs. R and I, was out on a spree and the next cache up was a micro down by a dam. Since we had very good signal on both GPSs we narrowed down the search area pretty good and still couldn’t find the cache. Then… we saw it and just had to sneak off a picture.


Needles to say we hid the cache a tad better than we found it…

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I always say a bad day of geocaching is better than a good day of getting your eyes poked out with a hot fire iron.


Aahhh. The simple truths of the Universe, off-handedly unveiled... ;-)


Defining Moments:

- putting my hand into a tree to pull aside a catskin cover of a cache (named after said cat), only to find that it was a living racoon. Found the cache in a log nearby after my heart started beating again.

- laying in the air, horizontal, heels at eye-level about .04 secs before hitting the ground due to improper footwear.

- Finding my first cache hanging from a treebranch on a thread after searching the forest ground underneath it for 20 mins. Found it when cursing and looking heavenward for help... Well...

- Finding my first lamppost cache (not a whole lot around where I come from...)

- My encounter with the Chester Police after retrieiving a cache ona tree ina swampy area, having parked in a pullout by a side road in NJ, with a Texas license plate. Trying to explain the map printout with specific points being marked (a couple in the nearby town) laying open in the passenger seat.

- visiting 'Lamington Ledges' about 8 times to find stage one... and then stage 2 three times...


and of course: Finding my first ever cache. The excitement of finding the cache and the satisfaction of signing the log.

The list could go on for miles (sorry kilometers, need to be metric ;-) )



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Pivotal moment:


Stepping out of the woods onto the winding dirt road and realizing that I had NO idea which way to walk in order to find my truck. Sadly, I knew better that to dodge off into the woods without marking my parking spot on the GPS but I had one of those "oh, it's just a little way" type of idiotic moments and didn't mark the thing. Naturally, I started off walking the wrong direction when I went to find the truck and had to backtrack.

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