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Best free PPC s/w to navigate to a waypoint

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A friend is having an event (non geocaching) coming up which she wishes to promote play in the forest for kids. As I liaised with her to create The Sculpture Trail multicache (which is where the event is) which she would like to get kids to do the cache. Most of the cache can be done with a map and no GPSr, but the final find requires a GPSr. She may be able to get a loan of several PPC's, but will need some s/w to get them to the final co-ords.

While I use Memory Map and Cachemate, she obviously doesn't want to spend the cash for several PPC's which are going to get used once only.

Listings will be printed.

Which free s/w would you recommend to navigate to the final co-ords in the standard gc.com format (deg, min).

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I am not sure of any free ones but you could load free trials on each PPC. Like beeline gps comes with 30 day trial and its fully functional. I think cachemate trial just limits you to 10 caches in the database but it sounds like you only need one.


You could always map out the final location also. Use landmarks as guideposts and have them pace a walk to another landmark. I have seen it done on a cache before where they a printable map was done to find the location.

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