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June Statistics


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As of this morning, there were no new GEOCAC recovery reports for June. I've updated the statistics page with the new Geocaching.com stats. We'll have to wait until next month to see any new reports that show up.


On another note, the Florida center of population mark finally got published: DK4252.


Maybe there is still hope for Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia. All those states set monuments that have not been published.

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As of July 9, the NGS database is down. If you just need to look at datasheets(no Mark Recovery Forms can be submitted here), check the NGS mirror site. Thanks to Klemmer and TeddyBearMama for the url.

Wow. That must have JUST happened when I left for work yesterday. I was pulling sheets off and on up until 'bout 7:00EST. I don't remember seeing a notice, so this is unplanned. Hope I didn't break it! :P



[Edit: And I just tried it again, and it worked. They must be working on the server or somethin'.]

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There was an upload for North Carolina at the end of the week. It consisted of a series of recoveries by the South Carolina Geodetic Survey (including finds by Alan-Jon). These are related to Boundary Commission activities; i.e., re-establishing the NC-SC state line.


I've noticed that NCGS and SCGS reports appear to flow into the NGS database via a different channel from ours. The GEOCAC entries always are separate uploads.


State geodetic agency entries tend to upload in the first week of every month. GEOCAC reports often come a week or two later.



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Must have just happened. Cool. I checked at about 6 AM and they weren't posted yet, but I just checked on a couple of my 5/18 recoveries, and they've been added. The July statistics should be nice. :unsure:


Actually, in doing some further checking, everything should be updated now. There are recovery reports that I submitted yesterday evening at around 8:30 PM that have been added to the database.


RK0200 and RK0563 to name a couple.

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Wow! So many entries were posted for North Carolina that it took nearly 5 minutes for them to download. A large contributor was Woodpert Consults, an engineering firm which set 21 new monuments for NCGS, and recovered at least that many more while doing a project in the far western part of the state.


On the other end of the state, 3001, Inc. recovered quite a few marks in coastal counties. This is a geo-engineering firm which contracts with governments and private companies--assisting with GIS projects, disaster evaluation, etc.


GEOCAC was very well represented with reports from Kyle, VagabondsWVA (apparently passing through the state on their way to South Carolina), James Jeffreys (a DOT surveyor who enjoys geocaching as well as benchmarks), and yours truly, who was able to squeeze in several dozen finds while working on real estate assignments in Johnston and Orange Counties.


I can't leave out the "unexpected recovery of the month", which was a report on EB1559 from Rahall Transportation Institute (RTI). Sponsored by a congressman and based at a college in West Virginia, this organization trains people for careers in transportation fields. I don't know if a representative was on an official trip, or just a vacation. Perhaps someone in West Virginia has run across their reports?



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