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Colorado and Invisible Shield. Is it still short?

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Invisible Shield: Fantastic new elaborate packaging, same excellent product, unfortunately the company is still run by the same imbeciles.


Hey that's a bit harsh isn't it. No. They are certified idiots. I have lost track of how much money they have spent over the last 18months sending me out new shields by express post at three times the cost of the shield.


Yet here I am again having to ask a question that I should not be asking.


I just got my second colorado shield delivered (by priority international mail) as the first one was not cut out at all. I remember a while ago that there was a problem with the Colorado shield being a 1/4" short. Last I heard Zagg said to send them back for replacement. However... (you know what I'm going to say)... the one I just fitted is 1/4" short. It just stops before the black band at the bottom.


My question is, have I got an old dodgy one, or did Zagg come through with a replacement that actually fits the screen on four sides rather than three and I'm just unlucky.


I am at a loss to explain how these people are so stupid. I at first thought that they purposely made it short because they think it doesn't matter if the non image part of the screen gets scratched. That seemed most plausible, but then why would they put rounded corners on the bottom if it was not meant to fit the rounded corners on the bottom of the screen.


Anyway to reiterate. Has anyone acually got an IS that fully fits their Colorado? Because if they don't then I'll just wear it and accept that Zagg are idiots and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

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I have used Invisible Shield for several years now on three different models of GPS'r and except for their crazy shipping methods have had no problems what so ever. The Screen I have for my Colorado fits perfectly. So, maybe you did just happen to get a bad one.

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OK Thanks, that's what I needed to know, I'll send it back. This then is typical Zagg, they truly are nasty people. It appears that their philosophy is that they are making so much money selling these overpriced (albeit excellent) shields that when they are informed they have a bad batch, they just keep sending them out anyway because it's easier to pay for airmail to the few people who will bother to complain.

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I actually ordered 2, my colorado and a friends colorodo. I installed mine and I have a slight gap on the left hand side while the right side is flush. It is flush with the top but there is a gap on the bottom which is right before the black band. It is about bit under 1/4 of an inch gap.


My personal thought on it, I figured that would have to leave a small gap for removal and also if it was flush on all sides where would the water go during installation when you are smoothing it out. You would need a gap for the air bubbles to escape. Both invisible shields are the same size.

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This is exactly my point, they rely on people like you who don't mind if it's short to get rid of their incorrect stock. There's nothing wrong with that as even though it's short it will protect the important part of the screen. But if they have a warehouse full of the correct ones then I want that one, I don't want to be a receptacle for their old stock.


As I said, if that's how they are then I'll wear it and accept that they are idiots, but if they really did make a new batch that they only send to those who complain if they get the old one, then I want the correct one.


EDIT: @ gob-ler, can you confirm that your screen fits perfectly and is not 1/4" short on the bottom. Because if that's how they all are then, I'll wear it.

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OK just found the old thread, which I never read properly here's an extract...


Perhaps you received the wrong one by mistake. I helped them get the original measurements for the screen, including the difference in the rounded corners between the top and the bottom. The sample they sent me fit perfectly top to bottom, but was a hair too narrow side to side. The sample did cover the screen all the way to below the "Garmin". This is even noted on their website (or was the last time I checked). I noted the problems and I'm sure they would have made corrections to the units for sale.


So that's that then, I suggest everyone send it back that's the only way they will end this nonsense. It would seem only the squeaky wheels get the grease.

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I sent them an email on the topic, hopefully someone with some knowledge will get my email. I have one of these on my 60CSx and they made it with the unique cut outs at the bottom so I made sure it was flush with the bottom. There is a very slight gap on the top and both sides of the shield of the 60CSx so I am not sure if this is normal or not. Nothing like the 1/4 gap on the colorado. The slight gap is like 1/16th or less

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Some people complain about a .5mm gap, that does not really bother me unless its .5mm too big.


They wanted me to send my old one back at my expense, when I asked why they said they wanted to see it so they can check the whole batch blah blah blah etc, but I asked what that would achieve because I'm telling him there's no scoring on it at all. What part of "no scoring at all" don't they understand. It makes me think that they don't want me to have a free piece of their shield that I may be able to cut up and use on something. This is a bit rich considering I had to spend $7 on an emergency replacement protector while waiting for their replacement shield (which I have to send back again presumably at my expense.

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the replacement also did not fit on my colorado 300

so i should send it back again - from europe it is more expensive than the shield.


I was tired of doing some email-ping-pong and did not like to waste money for sending it around the world.


therefore i took a shield from a different company - fits perfectly

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Well I'm absolutely convinced now that the Zagg people are deliberately, wilfully and knowingly sending out a shield that they know full well is incorrect because they have made an estimate on how many people will return it. Obviously their estimate whatever that is, is financially beneficial to Zagg.


In other words they are deliberately lying, robbing theives, but what is really hilarious, is that the innocent people they have deliberately deceived think the company is really good because...wait for it... they replace the faulty shield without complaint.


When they give you that guff about 'checking the whole batch' or 'there was a problem some time ago, you must have somehow...' you can rest assured that either the person is deliberately lying or they have been deliberately lied to or ordered to lie. Either way it's pretty clear that Zagg's operating procedure when their imbecile draughtspersons draw up the wrong size then send it to be manufactured before testing, is to send them out anyway and replace if and only if they actually complain. In the case of the Colorado, it would seem that a lot of people think the short shield is good enough. Without realising of course they are being treated like fools by Zagg. This is a very harsh judgement by me, however, the facts speak for themselves. Let's call a spade a spade.




Yes that's a good fit, just like the temporary shield I had to buy while waiting for my replacement. Although it's only a photo, looking at the edge it appears that the shield you have linked to is made from a rigid material that frankly won't be as good as the IS. If only the IS was not as good as the alternative everything would be fine.

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I honestly thought that there was supposive to be a small gap so you could smooth it out and get the air bubbles out. When I saw the colorado and installed it I thought it was a short but it covered most of the screen. Even though they have a lifetime warranty on the item I was going to call it in when it got damaged from use before I sent it back into. Since you have to pay to ship it to them and pay for them to ship you a new one. Didn't want to spend the money until I had too.


This is interesting though finding out that it is suppose to cover the entire screen without gaps. Even my 60CSx has a small gap (smaller than my colorado's gap) looks more of a fit but not flush.


Here is my 60CSx with shield on it. You can see my 60CSx has seen some action.





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I bought the invisible shield zagg one, and for the most part, after the messy install, i am pretty happy with it...it seems to fit just fine to me, and has definitely protected my screen from all the messy places geocaching has taken me.


if they had a bad batch, it seems ok to me now, and i just ordered mine from them less than a month ago.

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I bought the invisible shield zagg one, and for the most part, after the messy install, i am pretty happy with it...it seems to fit just fine to me, and has definitely protected my screen from all the messy places geocaching has taken me.


if they had a bad batch, it seems ok to me now, and i just ordered mine from them less than a month ago.


I ordered 2 less than a month ago and I seem to have gotten the short ones :D

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@ mightywarlock


if they had a bad batch, it seems ok to me now


That's only how it seems because you got a good one and you are assuming (incorrectly) that Zagg would have rooted out the so called 'bad batch' when it was pointed out to them 4 months ago (not that it really needed to be pointed out).


But as we can now all verify they are still sending this bad batch out, I got mine last week. I don't believe for a nanosecond that I'm this unlucky, especially as I know how dumb Zagg is.


For example they promised to stop this nonsense of listing every model eTrex and putting them in their own labeled box, it was pointed out that there is only the monochrome size and the colour size. Yet they have completely redone their website since and they still list the eTrex individually. That in itself is not *that* bad but when I ordered a new HCx shield last month from their new website, it came in a box marked for a different model eTrex anyway.


With all the complaints that they've had over the last year, all they have done is completely redo the packaging on the shield so that it is ludicrously over packaged. In fact it is probably now the most obscenely extravagant packaging I've ever seen for such a simple product.

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I ordered 2 less than a month ago and I seem to have gotten the short ones :D


Unless we all start sending these back, Zagg will keep laughing at us right in our faces.


It is clear from the totally unnecessary reworking of their packaging that they are making a lot of money from these, so much in fact that they are happy to rely on people not knowing and just replacing the few who complain. I guess they intend to do this till all the dodgy shields are gone.


But more importantly we must ask ourselves how the #@$% could an engineer possibly get the measurement on one side so far out and how can it not be measured before pressing out the first run?


It is ironic that if the product itself were not so much better than anything else that we would all take our custom elsewhere. For example I'm only going to send mine back because I now know that they DO have good ones and I'll get it if I ask for it (eventually) but if this thread indicated to me that everyone has the short shield then I'd accept that. I wouldn't be happy to have the short shield but I would not use an inferior product that had better coverage. Is this perhaps the reason why they are so blasé?

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@ Storm


Excellent! That's the way. I have my one that was not cut out at all ready to send back to them, which I neglected to do because I couldn't be bothered. Which is good because they'd only ask me to send the second one back anyway so I can at least send them both back at once. But I'm not sending anything back unless they pay the return postage because they are doing this deliberately


We should let them know we are *&%$ing angry and we won't take this #%&* any more.


Therefore I would urge everyone with a short shield to return it for a replacement whether you care or not, otherwise nothing will change.

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@ Freeday,


If they don't pay return postage they don't get their mistake back. If the shield is damaged in use and sent back for their lifetime guarantee then it's fair to pay to send it back.


We should be clear that as long as the shield is not too big I don't think anyone except the most anal would expect an exact fit. The Colorado problem is not like the Vista problem where the shield was only slightly too big but that means dirt collects all around it. The Colorado error is just a massive *&%$up that Zagg wants us to pay for.

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