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GeocacheNavigator not connecting via Nokia N95 8GB


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This post has also been placed on the GeocacheNavigator Forum, but having been so fustrated with this issue, thought I will place it here as well. Maybe it will spare someone the same frustration.


SOLUTION FOUND: GeocacheNavigator not connecting to internet (Vodacom SA) on the Nokia N95 8Gb


I have found the solution to this issue, but although it now works, it doesn’t make sense to me.


The Nokia 95 8Gb from Vodacom South Africa comes out-of-the box with the following internet connections (Access Points):







Not one of these connections worked for Navigator.

I even tried to setup an Access Points from the Vodacom website (They send you a setup text message with the setup configuration), this created a connection called WAP.GPRS. , but also this did not work.


In the end I copied the Access Points settings from my brothers Nokia 6110, upon which Navigator connected to Vodacom without issues. These setting are (copied exactly):


Connection Name: Internet.GPRS


Data bearer: Packet Data


Access Point Name: internet


User Name: None


Prompt Password: No


Password: **** (I don’t know, copied other Access Point profile)


Authentication: Normal


Homepage: None


The only real difference (I think) is the fact that Authentication is set to “Normal” and not “Secure”. Hopes this helps any other Nokia N95 8Gb users in South Africa.


Hopefully I'm off today to find my first cache with the Navigator! :-)


Happy Caching.


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Hi amaSoekSoek.

Vodacom recently introduced a content adaptation system that intercepts your web traffic and tries to rearrange it for mobile screens. Obviously this plays havoc with certain data and it's quite possible that it was affecting GN. Voda are excluding applications on a case by case basis and GN probably just hasn't been added to their 'white list' yet. The way around it is to remove the proxy details from the access point in use by the application, so it could be that the access point details you copied over don't include proxy settings. I tracked the whole (stupid) saga for a while on my blog if you want to read up on it further.


On a different tack, how are you finding the N95 8G + GN combo for cache hunting? A review for the GN software is what introduced me to caching in the first place so it's the only way I've ever known :mad:

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