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Lost my Smilies


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I went to log a cache today and noticed I didn't have as many smilies as before. I noticed one of my caches was archived, so I lost that smiley. I found it - why doesn't it count any longer? Doesn't that mess up your milestones? Also, I thought I had one more cache - if a cache owner deletes your find for whatever reason, do you, the finder, have any sort of record for it? I don't know if I had one deleted or if I just don't remember my numbers. I realize my life will not be affected one way or the other if I lose smileys - I'm just curious.

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Archival of a cache does not remove it from your "Found" count.


To have your find count go down, someone would have had to remove your "found" log. I don't know of any way on the GC site to find out when this occurs. If you have your caches in GSAK, you could compare an old database copy to a new "All Found" pocket query and find the descrepancy.

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A little off topic here,

But if someone deletes one of his own logs on one of your own caches, you do not get an email notification of that. This is something I would like to see.


It's good to keep all your log emails as they have the link to at least his initial log, but perhaps not and future edits.

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Thanks for all the responses. I think my missing smilies are simply a case of CRS (can't remember something). I thought I was 7 away from my first milestone, now, after adding one smiley yesterday I am now 8 away. Oh well! I'm just glad you don't lose them for archived caches, and knowing I'll get an e-mail if one of my logs is deleted is good info to know. Thanks!

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