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Caching int' North West of England Geocoin


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The NW Geocoin

Coin Art




Coin Samples




I'm advertising this coin for some friends. Please use the e-mail shown below to make your reservation as I won't be controlling the collection of funds or the dispatch of the coin - thanks.


There won't be a presale but they are now taking reservations. Coins are expected to arrive by the 31st July. Payment will then be due on coins that have been reserved.


Please get in touch with Scorpionqueen at e14l@btinternet.com



Size: 38mm Diameter - 3mm thick

Finish: Black Nickel

Colours: 9 Front, 5 Back - Imitation Hard Enamel

Trackable: Yes, on geocaching.com with its own icon


No. of coins available: 200 on a first come first served basis

Price: £5.00 each



UK 1st Class: £0.55, £0.20 for each additional coin

Europe Airmail: £1.30, £0.20 for each additional coin

USA/Canada Airmail: £1.70, £0.20 for each additional coin

Postal insurance is available, drop Scorpionqueen and e-mail regarding rates.


Coin Description


The NW Geocoin has been put together by the members of the NWcaching forum to celebrate everything that makes the NW of england so great.

The coins front artwork features some of the famous and not so famous features of the NW and its history such as the canals, mills, football, fishing, the rocket, the Red Rose and of course rain. The people in the design are all match stalk men as a tribute to LS Lowry an incredibly talented artist who was only really appreciated after he passed away.

The rear of the coin has the tracking number in white and the phrase "Caching int' North West of England" above and around the NWcachers forum signature icon. The words trackable at geocaching.com is pressed into the coins periphery.

We hope you like the design as much as we do and you don't have to be from the NW to get one.

Coins are available for reservation now and we should have them in hand on or around the 31st July, at which point payment will be due.


Please get in touch with Scorpionqueen at e14l@btinternet.com

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if that post was concerning the NW coin reservations , yes i am taking paypal and im quite amased that they are going quite quickly, just send me an email to reserve a coin, first come first served and all that, i cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for them to come .e14l@btinternet.com


ps im new to this forum so if i make any mistakes just tell me pleeeeeese

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do you know that there is only two people ordered the NW coin in America so they will be the only ones in America who have this coin, and i think it will be a ner ner na ner ner moment to those guys,, they are selling quick and as there is only 250 of them and 100 are already sold to NW members they will be a real good swap/trade/buyitem.But never mind i will be able to trade them for some really good uns, eg Templars.

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