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Seems to be happening again today, only I see it happening in cache descriptions. Even with the HTML box checked, my links are being transformed when the page changes are submitted:




<A HREF=valid_URL>some text</A>




"valid_URL">some text

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If this is a 'temporary' problem, what happens if you are editing your profile while it appears messed up.

Or it appears OK while you are editing it but the instant you click 'sumbit' the Bit Gods decide that it's time to be messed up?


Any statistics of just how often this occurs? Such as 15 minutes per day, or once every 5 views...

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Three words: Windows IIS Server


Ok, a few more, actually... as others have already stated, it always seems to be an intermittent problem that resolves itself five to ten minutes or so later... perhaps when the reboot gods come through and give it a swift kick or something... *shrugs*

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Well, it I guess if you want to call it an intermittent problem, that is great, but 12 hours now it has been an issue for me. Not only with my profile page but with friends pages that I was trying to look at.


I got tired of what it looked like on mine so have stripped my profile until it is really fixed. Any ETA on this issue?

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When I was trying to fix the problem on my profile page ... I noticed that some &nsp codes were put in where the h ref </A> goes.


I thought that I had done it! BUT when it started to work again, the &nsp went away also.


For me,

It was broken on 8 July 08

And was fixed on 9 July 08

and worked fine all day on 10 July 08.



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