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Colorado or 60CSx

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Sorry I know this topic has been asked a gazillion times. I'm going to get one of these units this week. And the more i research the more i get confused.


All in all, location accuracy is the most important feature for me, so based purely on this, is there a difference? I don't want to be out fishing etc and have the col drifting 50M away from my actual location!


I've just heard lots about inaccuracies with the colorado? Has this been fixed with the latest update?


Cheers, Shucked :)

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I can't speak for the colorado, but I recently purchased a 60csx. My buying decision was based only on which unit would be best for geocaching. After much research on this and other forums, the 60csx seemed to get the most favorable reviews on the features I wanted, accuracy being at the top of the list.Using it now for a few weeks, it has proven to be the most accurate, and capable of tracking at lower speeds, of any gpsr I have ever used. I am very happy with it.

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I've had the Colorado 400t since Fathers day. Not had any issues with it geocaching. However, there is a link somewhere where there's an explanation regarding the maps not being on target with the travel paths. This doesn't bother me. If so, I can buy the US navigator card that Garmin sells for about $100.


The satellite reception has consistantly gotten me to within 15-20 feet of my target. I've been very pleased with its ease of use and intuative design.

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I think in a year or so, the colorado will be "THE" geocaching gps. right now it does work good but there are some features that are not ideal for geocachers. Inabilty save a POI as a geocache for one. Lack of a night mode another. There ais quite a list actuially.


The Rock "n" Roll wheel does not like dust so if your into off-road adventures, that is an issue.


My Colorado recently started acting erratically while trying to select an icon in the shortcuts or edit a waypoint with the wheel. Garmin is sending me a new wheel but somehow I don't think that is the issue. Over all, while I like my Colorado for geocaching, I'd say buy a map 60 Cx now and in a year or so if the Colorado's issues are fixed, then look at the Colorado at that ime.

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I rode 465 miles in Baja, Mexico on a dirt bike with my Colorado mounted on the bars and had no dust issues with the RnR. Just dust issues with mini usb to run the unit direct to the battery on the bike. When we got back to the states, I removed, cleaned and greased the RnR to make it work more smoothly. Rider

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I have to agree, I have had a 60CSx for over a year and the accuracy and operation is rock solid. Having switched to a CO caching has been different; much better with the cache description, logs and hints which save the PDA uploads but really poor accuracy, having to recalibrate the compass every start up and a lack of the really useful features on the 60.


If the CO is to become THE geocachers GPS it has a way to go yet IMHO.

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I have both units and have been slowly trying to switch to the Colorado but it just isn't as accurate and I don't completly trust it yet. I've had the 60 cxs for a long time and it's dead on all the time. I'm hoping for a firmware update to correct the last issues. ;)

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