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Geocaches along a route.


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I am going from Winnipeg - International Falls - Duluth - Thunder Bay and want all the GPX files along that route. I have a Garmin Colorado. I am a Premium member.


There are lots of ways. Here's the one I just learned, and it works GREAT!!!


First, determine the route you're going to take, using mapquest or google or whatever.


Now, go to this web page


select GPX and toggle START LINE and trace out the route you've already decided upon. You may need to play with this several times, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.


Now, COPY all the text that's in the light-blue box.


Now, open NOTEPAD or some other program and PASTE that text to it. Save the text with the .gpx extension. I suggest saving it to your desktop for convenience.


Now, go to your account page and down the right hand column select FIND CACHES ALONG A ROUTE.


Now, BROWSE until you find that file and you'll be able to create a route from it. I just happened to have done that, and made it public. It is called "winnipeg to thunder bay" and you should be able to find it with a keyword search. Note that I just assumed what your route would be. Also, this route is slightly longer than the 500 mile limit, and I don't know what effect that has. When you do this "for real", you may have to make two routes.


Select your route from your list, and choose the option to create a Pocket Query...and that's it!


I found over 120 caches within 1/2 mile of this route.



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Or you can do it like this:



It makes use of Mapsource/Google Earth to create the route and Gsak to filter all the caches on the way.





Thanks everyone. I went to google earth, saved a route and then the file was mailed to me. I have the Colorado 300 GPS and its has a feature that it tells the description and the last several logs. When I saved these files to the GPS, they are found under waypoints rather then the Geocaching on the GPS, therefore do not show the descriptions.


Can the pocket querie get me the descriptions as well?

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